These are just some of the comments we received from people who used LiceGuard products:


We used both the LiceGuard comb and the LiceGuard shampoo and can honestly say that we were reborn. Because I have three pupils the LiceGuard comb sees daily use in prevention. I’m not sorry for paying as much as I did. I usually don’t have much faith in mail orders but your products have changed my mind. Since head lice are rife in schools and kindergartens I recommend you to everyone…Thank you!


Robi Comb Pro – The ideal thing for those tiny creatures that hatched a hundred a day. LiceGuard comb – Whatever the first product missed this product terminated. LiceGuard shampoo – I didn’t hold much hope that this shampoo would help me, but I took a risk and bought it and after two washes the eggs and head lice were gone as if removed by hand, you have saved me from a 2 month long agony. Thank you!


I am the mother of my daughter T., I can only say one thing: “Thank God, since I obtained your entire set of products, my daughter and I have successfully rid ourselves of head lice! Until I read about your products I spent a lot of money on various shampoos which didn’t help at all since the other children at school didn’t manage to get rid of their head lice. I ruined my daughter’s hair using various shampoos and she would still return the next day with new head lice. But we solved that problem using your LiceGuard repellent, and to this day we are without head lice. Bravo!!


After I rid my child of head lice for the umpteenth time, and it returned home with a full head again I decided to order your products. I ordered the comb that literally removed every egg and head lice from the hair. I then used the repellent spray which pleasantly surprised me with its smell and effectiveness.  After using your products head lice are no longer a problem and I warmly recommend them to everyone!!


After reading your advertisement I thought that it was just another scam. In the end I decided to try because by that time I had exhausted all other options in trying to rid my child of head lice. In order to avoid further agony and the need to cut long hair that we had been growing for a long time. I have only words of praise for your products. Especially your comb set. Regards!


I was interested in your products because I have two girls, one in kindergarten the other in primary school. The older one came home with head lice (apparently a lot of her classmates did likewise). As this was our first encounter with lice in our role as parents, we were not prepared… I bought a shampoo/brand removed/ in our local chemist's and used it on all of us reluctantly. We also purchased a useless plastic comb /brand removed/, it was too small and too fragile for the amount of hair we have. We washed all our bed covers and bed clothes and had a state of emergency. We repeated the hair washing with the shampoo twice more, but I was never sure if that was it. How many more times??

Then I found some time to go on the Internet and I came across your products which seemed of much better quality than the ones we had been using until then. Following that, I sent you an e-mail…we tried your products and were very satisfied. I was most satisfied by the detection because the entire process can be monitored and controlled in a way which does not require as much time (which is also very important).

I am of the opinion that your products should be more recognizable to people so that they would be more informed and ready in these situations.


I used Robi Comb Pro and was very satisfied. I will also purchase the set of combs for head lice egg removal.


Following the 20 days of useless struggle this spring with head lice in my daughter’s long curly hair, I contacted you and bought your products. After a week of persistent use we rid ourselves of the little parasites. From then on we use the repellent before going to school. I am also extremely satisfied with the shampoo and set of combs, all of which I recommend to my acquaintances.


I am satisfied with the comb because in conjunction with the shampoo the entire head can be cleaned.


I came across LiceGuard products by pure luck and they were the final and only solution with which I finally managed to rid my children’s problem of head lice. I can only say that I am more than satisfied.  I used the entire range of LiceGuard products and I have no negative experiences. First of all Robi Comb Pro which kills head lice in hair, second the LiceGuard shampoo which isn’t harmful as all the other competitive products are, after which it is easy to remove the head lice eggs using the LiceGuard comb, especially since my children have thick curly hair, after which I used the LiceGuard repellent spray for further protection which works to this day. I can only say thank you!


It really is revolutionary. My wife and I tried everything to remove head lice and eggs from the scalps of our daughters. From desperation I decided to cut their hair short. Using your entire set of products we were left pleasantly surprised because not only did we remove the head lice and eggs but they haven’t reappeared. WE ARE GRATEFUL TO YOU!


Robi Comb Pro successfully kills head lice, the comb removes them with ease and the shampoo has a pleasant aroma as well as leaving the hair soft.


Firstly, children’s lice have always been an uncomfortable nuisance to both children and adults, that is why everyone seeks a better solution to eliminate them. Your products helped to eliminate them quickly and effectively, we used Robi Comb Pro more for the detecting ability, and the shampoo is excellent – effective and quick.


I tried everything to rid my children of head lice. Until I heard of your products nothing worked. I used the shampoo and comb. The shampoo softened the sticky eggs which were then easier to comb out of the hair. My children no longer have head lice. It is enough to use the shampoo and comb twice a week. Thank you! LiceGuard is No. 1!!!


I used Robi Comb Pro and was satisfied because I managed to eliminate the head lice in a short period.


These two products were for my daughter and by her statement both products are excellent. In a short span lasting 10 days she rid herself of the parasites. Most especially, since she has very long thick hair. Thank you for your care and prompt delivery of the products. 


I purchased the comb set for head lice egg removal (it is great at removing them), the shampoo for easier head lice egg removal and the repellent to stop their return. Every one of the products is great because up to the day I used your products I tried everything on my children without much success. Finally the agony is in the past thanks to these products.


LiceGuard shampoo in conjunction with the LiceGuard comb solved my child’s problem. I was pleasantly surprised by the comb – the ideal solution so that the problem does not reoccur.


Since I have two school girls I was forced to use anti lice remedies. I am especially satisfied with the LiceGuard comb. It really combs out everything, even the tiniest lice. It is very easy and without much fuss to comb out and clean the child’s hair in a short time. I can only complement and thank you for quality products.


The shampoo is excellent at loosening head lice and their eggs from hair, and the LiceGuard comb is exceptional in combing them out. I am very satisfied.


I am particularly satisfied with Robi Comb Pro and the LiceGuard shampoo, which solved a problem in 3 days that plagued my child for the past 5 weeks over which we tried other products.


Robi Comb Pro – is good because it stops humming when you come across a head lice so I don’t have to look for it or comb it out. LiceGuard comb – is good because it removes all head lice and eggs. The LiceGuard shampoo is great because it softens the eggs so that they can be removed more easily.


Robi Comb Pro is an excellent product. Thanks to that comb we have managed to eliminate the lice from our children. It is practical and reliable, and is easily maintained.


I used the comb and the shampoo and they are wonderful. The comb can be boiled and used on more children as is I did in my case.


The LiceGuard shampoo is easy to use and quickly effective. The LiceGuard comb is the best comb I have ever tried (and I have used some in my time) for head lice. The LiceGuard repellent I havn’t yet had a chance to try even though I purchased it.


Using the shampoo and comb we got rid of not only the head lice but the eggs as well. The repellent is great at keeping them away. Even though the head lice have reappeared at school we have been free of them because we have been using the repellent. We have recommended your products to our friends because they are really excellent.



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