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Answers to frequently asked questions

How do we know that Robi Comb Pro and the other products really work?

All LiceGuard products have passed a number of laboratory tests and what is more important have been used in the USA and other countries of the world for years. To see details on Robi Comb PRO and its effectiveness view HERE. A testament to its effectiveness is the fact that it is used by kindergartens, retirement homes, institutions for people with special needs, medical schools as well as ordinary families. The products are sold in many well known chains and pharmacies. What is more important: we received many testimonials which you can view HERE.

What makes LiceGuard products different to other competing products?

No other range of products offers a complete solution for the detection, elimination and removal of lice and nits as well as prevention of their return. It is important to note that LiceGuard products are in no way harmful to children because they do not contain aggressive or poisonous ingredients - PESTICIDE FREE. The continued improvements to quality as well as the fact that LiceGuard is sold all over the world speaks volumes as to its effectiveness. LiceGuard has no equal!

Which is the primary product, which should I purchase first?

Robi Comb PRO – the electric comb is definitely the primary product because with it you can eliminate the lice problem, and with it the nits as well (go to next question). It also serves as a lice detector as well. It can also be used recurrently on more than one child. It is a product every family should have.

Does Robi Comb PRO kill nits?

Not directly. However in a ten day period of Robi Comb PRO use you will start killing lice that have just hatched, and they will not be in a position to produce new nits. By breaking the reproductive cycle you will effectively solve the hair lice problem. So, even though Robi Comb PRO does not directly eliminate nits it is possible to indirectly solve even that problem.

Why do I need the LiceGuard shampoo if I have Robi Comb PRO?

The LiceGuard shampoo greatly assists in removing nits from hair. The entire process is greatly accelerated and much more thorough if you use our LiceGuard Comb Kit. For an optimum result we recommend the use of Robi Comb PRO every day, and the use of LiceGuard shampoo and metal combs at least twice a week. In this way the entire problem should be eliminated in about a week. If you currently use some other lice killing agent but want to get rid of nits as well a treatment with the LiceGuard shampoo and metal Comb Kit can greatly increase efficiency.

Are LiceGuard shampoo and repellent poisonous or harmful to small children in any way?

They are not. They are made of non aggressive and non toxic ingredients and if adhering to instructions, can be used every day without an age restriction, unlike competing products.

How do I know you deliver to my country?

This is the central site for the European continent and if your country is LISTED you can order our products HERE. If you want to order in/from the US or Canada you can order HERE.

How long does it take the package to arrive, what is the difference between ordinary and EMS post?

The speed of the delivery depends on the type of service you choose in your order, your location on the European continent and your proximity to a large urban centre. When choosing the type of delivery service there are two possibilities: STANDARD and EMS (Express Mail Service). If you choose the STANDARD service it usually takes 5+ days, if you choose the EMS it usually takes 2 to 5 days. With the EMS delivery you can continuously follow you package using the shipping number in your order receipt on IPS WEB TRACKING site.

How can I pay for my web shop order?

Payment can be carried out in one of two ways : with credit card (Visa and MasterCard) or a direct payment to our bank account. When paying with credit card the entire payment method is carried out on the Austrian Raiffeisen Bank secure server. When paying directly on our bank account just fulfill and send order in our web shop and you will receive an order receipt e-mail with payment details. If you need more information e-mail us!

How safe is it to pay with credit cards on your site?

The entire payment method when purchasing from our web shop is carried out on the Austrian Raiffeisen Bank server according to the highest international security standards. To see more on transaction security go to Raiffeisen Bank service page.

What kind of warranty do I get and how do I file a claim?

Robi Comb PRO, the electric comb receives a standard 1 year warranty in accordance to European norms. If the product is used according to instructions and malfunctions within the warranty period – the faulty unit shall be replaced with a new one. All other products do not receive a warranty as they are unable to break. All items are thoroughly checked for defects before being sent. See more HERE.

What if I want to order a larger amount or to distribute your products?

If you wish to place a large order on behalf of institutions (schools, hostels, kindergartens, various communities, etc.)  or you are interested in further distribution, contact us with e-mail and we will get back to you in the shortest possible time.

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