Robi Comb PRO - electronic comb

The Robi Comb is a patented electronic comb used to detect and kill head lice. Robi Comb destroys lice on contact simply by combing it through dry hair. When the electronic Robi Comb touches lice, they get zapped and die and then get combed out of the hair.

Robi Comb Pro electric comb is for everyone, even for the demanding users, such as families with more members, different kind of shelters, kindergartens, schools and similar institutions.

The Robi Comb's combing unit (teeth) can be easily removed for cleaning or replacement. The Robi Comb is powerful enough to kill multiple lice every time you comb it through dry hair!


How do we know that Robi Comb Pro really works?

Robi Comb PRORobi Comb was developed in 1991 and tested on children by medical personnel of the Beilinson center, which is part of the Tel Aviv university. It has been established that it is as effective as permethrin (main ingredient of the shampoo based on pesticide) in lice removal, but it is more effective in preventing their return. It has also been tested at the Medical Center for Entomology in England, where its effectiveness has also been established. Robi Comb is sold and used in USA, Great Britain, Germany, France, Spain, Israel, Japan, Croatia (in 36 countries throughout the world). Hundreds of thousands of these are sold each year. Robi Comb was introduced in 1998 in the US and has been very well accepted, it has been available in most pharmacies and main shopping chains. It has been used by medical personnel in kindergartens throughout the world, and it has been recommended by the several public health institutes. However, the most important is that parents throughout the world are describing it as “revolutionary” and “incomparable with any other” agent used for fighting lice.

Only Robi Comb PRO of the American company ARR Health Technologies is the original from the palette of LiceGuard products! Please pay attention for cheap and ineffective copies!


Why is the Robi Comb PRO better than other treatments?

  • Robi Comb PRO Detects Lice
    The Robi Comb PRO can be used to quickly detect lice in an non-invasive way. The Robi Comb lets you know by an audible signal whether or not head lice are present, so it can be used to detect an infestation. In fact, many school nurses use the Robi Comb PRO for exactly that reason.

  • Robi Comb PRO Kills Lice Quickly and Easily
    Using the Robi Comb PRO is as simple as combing a child's hair for a few minutes a day. Compare that to other treatments where a child needs to sit still, sometimes for hours, while dangerous and sometimes painful gels are put in their hair! The Robi Comb PRO is a painless and efficient way to help prevent infestation or re-infestation.

  • Robi Comb PRO Kills Lice Without Toxins / Pesticides
    Toxic shampoos are a common method for killing lice. These products to get rid of lice use pesticides such as Pyrethrum or Permethrin. These chemicals are toxic and attack the louse's nervous system.

    Many people are wary of using these products due to concerns regarding overexposing children to the pesticides. Children with colds, asthma, or any other respiratory conditions are strongly warned not to use any Pesticide or Toxic based solution.

  • Robi Comb PRO is Used on Dry Hair
    Being able to treat lice on dry hair eliminates the drama of lice treatment. There is: NO special gloves to wear, NO application a pesticide shampoo / gel or oil, NO worrying about exposing eyes or face to toxins, NO waiting hours for results, NO mess and NO odor.

  • Robi Comb PRO Can Be Used Anywhere
    Robi Comb PRO can be used in just a few minutes on dry hair: at school, in a car, at the park... anywhere. It is travel sized too, and can be stored in any dry place.

  • Robi Comb PRO has no Odor or Fragrance
    Robi Comb PRO is not a chemical treatment and has no odor of any kind.

  • Shampoos Do Not Kill Resistant Lice
    Scientific studies as well as reports from school nurses and parents, now show that some lice are resistant to the shampoo treatments currently available. Robi Comb is a safe and non-toxic alternative. A louse cannot become resistant to the Robi Comb PRO.


There is no better or healthier solution for children!


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