LiceGuard products

Before LiceGuard, very toxic chemicals were used to remove lice and nits from the hair. Over time, lice became more and more resistant to these treatments, so the stronger pesticides were used. This of course made them more dangerous for children to use.

No worries, now there is a Safe and non-toxic way to remove these little pests, as well as an easy way to prevent them from coming back

LiceGuard products help, in a non-aggressive and child safe way, to fully solve a problem of lice and nits in the hair. Each single LiceGuard product has an important role in the process of lice and nit removal from the hair. Usage of the complete product palette makes this process safer and faster since the system makes possible: lice detection, combing of nits out and prevention of lice returning to the hair. The manufacturer of LiceGuard products is ARR Health Technologies from Boston, USA.

You can find more details on each of our products below, if you still have questions you can find answers at Support: About Products.

Robi Comb PRO - electronic comb

By using the Robi Comb Pro, you are protecting children from the aggressive, chemical treatments that are harmful to the skin. To kill lice there is no more washing and shampooing, just a comb. Robi Comb Pro reports via a sound signal that you have killed a louse. Then, clean the comb with the brush which comes in the set and continue. Simple! An internationally recognized product that has proven itself on the market to be the most effective means of lice eradication! Find out more about Robi Comb PRO!

LiceGuard Shampoo

LiceGuard shampoo targeted against nits makes hair softer and makes combing easier, and by weakening the strong nit “glue” makes its combing out and removal possible. LiceGuard is very gentle and you could use it on a daily basis. In order to make the most possible use of the LiceGuard shampoo, we recommend that you use LiceGuard professional comb for combing out nits and lice from the hair as well!

LiceGuard Comb Kit

LiceGuard professional Comb Kit for combing out nits and lice from hair is ideal in combination with the LiceGuard shampoo. The comb kit is more effective than any other comb because of its quality. Rust-proof teeth that are rounded at the end are positioned firmly and precisely at a distance that is not enough for nits and lice to pass through, contrary to similar combs. A quality product of fine manufacture, solid and without pores where dirt could accumulate, and a possibility of cleaning in boiling water make it a simple and unavoidable item to use at lice appearance.

LiceGuard Repellent

LiceGuard agent for repelling lice offers strong protection against transfer of lice to your hair. Only one application every morning is enough for your child to go to school safe with all day protection. LiceGuard spray is very simple and safe for everyday use. It leaves a pleasant smell of wild flowers, a smell that children like, and lice do not!


Lab surveys have been conducted in England, France, Israel and USA and have shown that LiceGuard repellent offers up to 96% lice protection!

LTS - Lice Treatment System

LTS or Lice Treatment System includes the three main LiceGuard products in one set: 1 LiceGuard Shampoo, 1 LiceGuard Comb and 1 LiceGuard Repellent. If you require products for lice and nit removal and protection this is the most affordable and optimal combination of products, more affordable than buying the products separately.

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